How to repair your crown molding?

Crown Molding in Las Vegas

Repairing your crown molding may seem like a difficult task but believe it or not for the inexperienced individual that is not used to this type of work, you could be done in less than 2 hours easy... Too easy! However, just like in any case, a job can get overwhelming and if that is the case we are here at your beck and call, we service the Las Vegas Community with Electrical and General Contractor needs 7 days per week. Feel free to call us or engage with us in this article to get any questions answered by our immediate team.

DIY Crown Molding Repair

How to replace your doorbell?

How to Replace a Door Bell

A broken doorbell can be frustrating from time to time and many people don't know how to replace or repair their doorbell so that becomes even more frustrating. At Synergy Companies LLC. We like to make sure you are well aware of what is within your capabilities when it comes to home improvements. Many may not even know that replacing a doorbell is so simple and well within anyone's capabilities however, if you feel like the task is daunting or you just don't have the time feel free to call your local Electricians in Las Vegas for a simple one day quick fix.

Replacing a Door Bell

Simple wall insulation Part 2

Commercial Electrical Contractor Las Vegas

Experienced professionals like us ;-) will tend to cut the batts against the stud but you might find it a little easier to measure and cut the batts against the floor with the facing pointed down against the floor. Please! Make sure that you are not cutting against finished flooring.

Simple wall insulation Part 2

How to insulate your walls? Part 1

How to insulate your walls part 1

Insulating your house can make a cold dry place feel like a beautiful home with warmth and comfort. If you currently live in a dungeon ;-) give us a call to help you revamp your walls or take a little time in this article to understand how you can go about insulating your walls yourself. With that being said, today we are going to talk to you about insulating your walls with faced and unfaced batts. What is faced and unfaced batts you ask?

How to insulate your walls? Part 1

How to install a pet door

How to install a doggy door

Today your favorite General Contractors in Las Vegas we're going to teach you how to install a pet door. One of the first things you want to think about is where? to install your pet door. Keep in mind that in order to keep the job simple you need to avoid areas where there maybe studs or even electrical wiring. Don't go through a whole restructuring process for something that can be done an many more simple ways. Remember, simplicity is golden! Do things right and the most natural way possible...

How to install a pet door