General Contractor

Kitchen Remodel

As your residential general contractor Synergy will remodel the perfect kitchen for you and your loved ones. We create many design concepts, we can source all of your kitchen remodeling materials and immerse your cooking environment in stainless steel, granite, slate, marble or any other texture suitable for the style of your home.

Bathroom Remodel

Our bathroom designs can cater to your genre of taste and living style. From contemporary to traditional and everything in between. We’ll provide you with a blueprint to the final projects goal and design your space for convenience and comfort.

Room Addition

Is your family growing but you don’t want to go through the process of purchasing a new home? Relocating to a new area? enrolling the kids into new schools?
Adding a room to your home is a perfect solution. Our team of experts will design the layout, source materials and execute a flawless addition to your home.


Driveway remodeling projects are in high demand and add additional value to your curb appeal. We have the team to guide you on available materials that will suit the style of your home. We create beautiful design patterns that add class and unique elements to your property’s entrance.


When you’re getting ready to sell your home or want an upgrade, a great curb appeal can increase the value of your property and your bottom line after a successful sale. As your local residental general contractor we can manage your exterior home renovation projects within budget and on shcedule.


Residential Construction

You may not always need a residential general contractor but when the job will take more than a week, needs several pros to complete or requires building permits, you should call us for a no hassle consultation. Our experienced builders offer plans and execute your home construction needs with precision and on a timely manner.


Commercial Construction

Planning, implementing and executing the perfectly managed commercial construction projects is what we do best. Working hand in hand with other sub-contractors and suppliers is a compliment to our dedicated and skillful team. As an investor/buyer, you and specialist in our field of industry can count on Synergy.


High Security Contracting

Approved by the police department and correctional facilities, you can count on Synergy Companies with high access level security for commercial development and commercial renovation projects. From local and state government buildings to Federal high level security establishments. Synergy has been veted and approved for government contracts.


Fire & Flood Restoration

After a fire or flood, putting the pieces back together can be a daunting task. Synergy’s restoration team can get your home or commercial establishment back in working condition. Restoring fire damaged areas and getting rid of excess water due to floods is just one phone call away.